Home Of IDreams Pre School

Home Of IDreams Pre School

Dear Parents

Though you are sending your ward in our school for his/her overall development but without your co-operation a teacher cannot

do anything. A teacher is not solely responsible for everything. The message we wish to send across is that, the work ought to

be accepted in right spirit then only it is truthful and most rewarding competition.

*Help your child learn at home. Let your child explore and experiment with as many toys, materials and hand-on activities as


*Talk, talk and talk to your child. Point out colours, numbers, signs, events, books and people throughout the day.

*Tell him bed time stories and about his Parents, Nana, Nani, Dada and Dadi. *Limit television watching.

*Encourage your ward to talk to you about the things he or she did today orwould like to do tomorrow.

*Encourage your child to converse with you in English. Let your child be responsible for simple household chores eg. Picking up

 the newspaper,putting the napkins around the table.

*Encourage him/her to use polite words and greet the elders and guests (Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Night,

  Thankyou, Sorry, Please etc.)

*Let your ward scribble and use crayons as much as possible. It will strengthen his/her fingers muscles.

*Attend PTMs regularly to remain aware about his/her development. Read thediary daily.

*Follow the writing patterns as given by the teachers.

*Encourage your ward to do his/her homework neatly and regularly.

*If your ward is absent from the school, his/her CW as well as HW should be completed by him/her.

*Kindly do not send any toys, caps or any other valuable items etc. to the school with the child.

*Books will be kept by the teachers in the school. However before any

  assessment/evaluation or if any HW is given, books will be sent back.

*Kindly send a spoon and handkerchief with your ward daily. Avoid giving junk food.

*Always keep one dress in your ward’s bag for change (in case of emergency). *For your convenience, general outline will be

  sent to you every month.

*You can meet your ward’s teacher between 7:30 am to 9.30  am in summers and 7:00 am to 11:00 am in winters.